Sometimes the dreams we have for our futures when we are young come true and it turns out that's not what will make us happy.  I dreamed of being an opera singer from the time I was seven years old and despite some bumps along the way made it to graduate school for music. It was here that I started telling myself, "When I retire, I want to go to massage school and do CranioSacral Therapy." I wanted to help people and make a direct difference.  Performing didn't feel like enough. When I had said, "when I retire," enough times, I started to wonder why I had to wait that long to design the life I wanted now. Why was I still in the dream of my seven year old self?

"What does a dream of doing massage have to do with someone who wants to sing?" you ask. That is one of the bumps along the way. You see, I was hit by a truck while riding my bicycle when I was fourteen. It was a big deal, Life-Flighted to Billings, a week in the ICU and some brain damage (short term memory loss for example among other things). The prognosis was grim, but some of my parents friends had heard of the benefits of CranioSacral Therapy and made a donation that allowed me to get the help I needed.

The rest is history, as they say. My interest in the healing power of touch and the amazing ability of the human body to heal was ignited. So here I am in Bozeman, MT living my dream.

I'm excited to learn about your journey and be one of your resources on your way to wellness!


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